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Inspired by the early phase loops of classical musician Steve Reich, Action Series Phase Loops play with notions of novelty, experience, and re-experience to give viewers a new insight into Hollywood's most spectacular action film sequences. Each piece in the series superimposes pieces of itself upon itself, running each track at slightly different speeds. The looped and superimposed film samples provide a unique window into the intricate production techniques utilized by high-budget action films.


The looping and composites provide, initially, a jarring and surreal exposure, while the looping grounds a familiar foundation. In other words, looping provides a comfort within the dissociation from cinematic reality. Through the slow process of dissociation and realignment, viewers are soon removed from the hypnosis of narrative, and transplanted into a new cognitive realm where they have the opportunity to closely scrutinize the visual instances within the sequence with a meticulous eye comparable to that of the director.

Crane Hang

SHOWS and PRESS (selected)


Action Loop 05: Crane Hang (2016)

San Diego Underground Film Festival (2016)

Southern Colorado Film Festival (2016)

Action Loops 1-4 (2010)

Stare Hard Rererato Gallery (2010)

Phase Loop 01

Phase Loop 03

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