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aka Cram Engram

Single shot documentation (filmed on a cell phone) of an evening ferry ride from Staten Island to Manhattan, Hologram Analogies (a.k.a. Cram Engram) explores concepts of experience, mediation, memory, re-memory, and the emergent temporalities implicated in each.



The project was born out of a desire to venture into and tamper with the formal conditions that shape our understanding of documentary and experimental modes of mediation. The video begins under the pretense of pure, observational realism with its presentation of a single, (presumably) unedited long take of the ferry ride to Manhattan. As the shot progresses, the video slowly moves into the realm of the experimental through the implementation of an increasingly noticeable and, eventually, all-consuming audiovisual intervention. Similar to Michael Snow’s Wavelength, the potency of the work can be attributed to the slow unveiling of the intervening force which (in spite of challenging viewer patience) ultimately offers meaningful moments of formal ambiguity compelling interpretations not only to the veracity of the present mediated moment, but all transpired and forthcoming moments as well.



Lumen 2013, Staten Island, NY

EFFPortland 2013

New Delta Review

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