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Towards Omniscient


Conventional documentaries, like most cinematic narratives, exist within rigid and specialized frameworks comprised of delicately balanced audio and visual components. Although they allude to something we associate with ‘reality,’ they ultimately exist as products of a creative endeavor. Towards Omniscient Documentary is an ongoing project that serves as my vehicle to explore this paradoxical nature of documentary. By building expanded audiovisual environments that recount 'true' stories, it is my goal to develop what I’m positing as real-er mediated realms—aggregate subjective, hybrid spaces that hover somewhere in between comprehensive (objective) reality, and personal interpretation.


Experiment One is a reassembly of travel footage taken on a family vacation through France and Italy in 2011. Reassembled in this generative, immersive manner, I believe I have taken steps towards presenting an affective mode of non-fiction moving-image presentation more akin to memory processes of cognitive and emotional recall.

SHOWS and PRESS (selected)


False Front Gallery, Portland (2011)

UFVA National Conference, Washington DC (2015)


Lisa Radon's review for Oregon Arts Watch

Gallery Documentation

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